Took it to the Sky for Yelp

So when Yelp asked us if we’d grace the floor for their first ever Los Angeles Open Party, we thought…sure. Our original request was for them to allow the entire coordination of the event (located at the Jlounge Restaurant and Nightclub in Downtown LA) to be our responsibility. Apparently, they we’rent “comfortable” with that, so we accepted the challenge (per request) of turning the entire outdoor patio into an “Air” inspired party environment.

Their original suggestions were for us to serve cotton candy, whipped cream and other “airy” foods, along with putting up some balloons and stuff. We instead, came up with the AIR12000 campaign, and airport inspired party environment designed, catered and executed by Kitchen12000. Check it out…


So we had our cocktail waitresses dressed in custom A12K flight attendant gear as DJ Armen Abajian was decked in a full A12K captain outfit. Armen spun the hottest in electro house & progressive music from his cockpit style stage setup in front of 144″ projection screen. The video featured the prospective of a flight captain flying through blue skies and clouds. It was f**king rad. He straight killed it on the 1s and 2s as expected from the Minister of Sound.


Our AIR12000 Fly High campaign was conjured by parent company Black Garlic Creative. The graphic design execution was through Torino, featuring a complete family of unique Airport Brands, ranging from a Package Claim Station, “Sue Vaneer” booth, Coffee Clinic, I <3 Pho King bar, and Killer Kabob Express setup. Think of an Airport whose purpose it is to get you ready to fly high into party land. No seat-belts required here…


Make-up and hair for all the boys and girls came compliments of Katy Sah and Ms. Teal. Trust that everyone looked quite hot…


The plexi-glass runway streaked through the patio, between chairs (setup as they would be in first class of any charter airplane). Ladies pushed Air12000 food/drink carts up and down the runway, serving guests packaged A12K “airplane” food (Braised Short Ribs, Blue Cheese Bacon Smashed Potatoes & Steamed Green Beans with Champagne Butter Sauce). It made for quite a show. Straight up…


So instead of having the classic coffee and cookie airport booth, we went with a “Coffee Clinic” concept. Assuming coffee was an illegal drug (versus a legal one as it is now) we served coffee as would a coffee healing center. Filtered coffee, un-filtered coffee, coffee brownies + crisps & even 1/8 oz and 1/4 oz prescription bottles of coffee (as seen above). The “legalize it” campaign subliminally hinted the theme throughout all articles at the station.


The unfiltered coffee (whose potency was the highest) was an absolute hit. It played the role of master kush for the night.


Rastaman Nick Joseph educated guests on how and when to use the various coffee products. Fly high, that’s the motto.


Over 1,500 guests came through the spot, rounded the stations, and sampled all that Air12000 had to offer. People we’re tripping, asking “what is this? I don’t get it.” A good sign, as we see it.


Lady Meline performed endless life vest safety performances in a G-Rated Stripper/Gogo Dancer fashion – all while shining the brightest in brite-whites.


I mean s**t, we had our flight attendants putting on a show all night.


Catwalk style…over and over. Sometimes with food, other times with drinks, and most of the time – just strutting their stuff.


And of course, showing the highest level of respect to our captain at the DJ Booth, whose noble efforts took our guests from walking into our spot in shock, to staying way past their bed-time. “We don’t want to leave,” was our top compliment. But thanks to our friends at JLounge (who had trouble swallowing the fact that we stole the show) our outdoor area got closed down early, so that guests could actually go inside the venue – which was ghost town for most the night. Two thumbs (and big-toes) down to JLounge for being wack like that. Anyway, we took it in stride. On to the next one…


A kiss goodbye. Air12000 was a one time effort specifically designed for our friends at Yelp. K12 = Never duplicate, sometimes re-create, always innovate.

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