K12 Caters Porsche Panamera N. America Release

Kitchen12000 Porsche Panamera Launch Event

So when Porsche asked us to coordinate the Panamera North American launch (in Beverly Hills) of their first 4-Door Sedan, the Panamera – we were like “holly s**t, hell yeah. Are you kidding me?” And then when we found out that we out-competed Wolfgang Puck’s Cateringcrew to get the job, we were like “holly s**t, hell yeah. Are you kidding me?” Enough said, checkout the photos.

Kitchen12000 Launch Event for Porsche Panamera Release

3 Bars setup outside, 1 serving red+white wines, another dishing out all sorts of Tequila cocktail variations and of course a non-alcoholic bar with all types of fresh juices, sodas and agua. “You turned our parking lot into a freaking club!”

Kitchen12000 Launch Event for Porsche Panamera Release

The standard, S and Turbo Panamera vehicles were featured inside the dealership, where we had ladies passing out bite sized appetizers and cocktails for all of the 500+ guests. The event was invite only, to Porsche owners, friends and family. All three sold that night, btw.

Kitchen12000 Launch Event for Porsche Panamera Release

The smoked salmon blinis were a hit apparently. Oh, and from the reviews on Yelp, it appears the bacon wrapped gorgonzola dates and pork belly satays didn’t do that bath either But honestly, anything tastes good when it comes served by pretty ladies such as Whitney here. Truth be told…

Kitchen12000 Panamera Porsche Launch Party

Curried chicken salad shooters with hearts of palm, toasted+shaved coconut & micro arugula – special request from the big man at BevHillsPorsche.


Kitchen12000 Porsche Panamera Launch


Pretty ladies, young chefs, porsche enthusiasts, great food, killer tunes, endless alcohol & brand spanking new 4-Door Porsche sedans to stare at all night. Yeah, tough times in Beverly Hills that night

Read below what BevHills Porsche representative Jay Huffschmidt had to say about our efforts on Yelp.com.


Mid October of 2009 Porsche planned the United States debut of its first four door sedan, a festively named rocket ship know as the Panamera. Beverly Hills Porsche had the pleasure and duty to help with the Los Angeles unveiling. It’s been quite a while since I’ve organized such an important event and with ever shrinking marketing budgets I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the idea of pulling off something as big as this.

I started calling in favors form friends in the event planning business. It didn’t take long to realize things could very easily get out of hand and go terribly over budget. I started to put the word out that I needed something special yet affordable and after a few stellar recommendations and a bucket load of due diligence I decided to contact Michael Kay form Kitchen 12000.

Originally I was only looking for a catering company that could handle the food and beverage service. I thought I had the rest of the bases covered. However after meeting with Michael I decided to let his mad genius take over the better part of my event. We decided to call the project Viva Panamera! Michael sourced a top notch DJ, a crew of professional photographers and a crack security team. His Kitchen 12000 chefs, servers and bar staff had already established a great reputation and became the corner stone of this project.

The 24 hours leading up to an event is always the most stressful. Michael and his staff kept re assuring me that this was going to be an experience that my guests would not soon forget. The stress kept building as the event grew nearer. Several of the key components that I had been working on started to fall apart and of course the torrential rains moved in. Michael worked with me on a contingency work around just incase the rain forced the event indoors. He also offered to pick up some of the slack my other vendors were hanging me up with. Looking back K-12000 got 80% of my budget and did 110% of the work. Next time I write one check and let them do it all.

The Panamera launch was a qualified success! Mother Nature moved the rain clouds to the east, the sun dried off the grounds and Kitchen12000 brought their A-game. The K-12′ers arrived and Beverly Hills Porsche underwent a transformation from car lot to night club. Everything looked amazing! The red carpet style entry with paparazzi press wall impressed. The flowers, candles, tables, bars and DJ booth all worked their magic to create the right mood. When the food came out my guests were truly impressed. I had a few people tell me over and over again how much they loved the prosciutto wrapped dates unless that was just the little voices in my head. From beginning to end everything went off as planned with one exception. I didn’t budget enough for booze. Thankfully Michael came to the rescue and had some emergency bottles delivered to save my skin.

I applaud Michael Kay and the outstanding performance by the entire Kitchen12000 team. Viva Panamera! I’ve posted pictures of the event to my Flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/…

I can’t wait for the next excuse to throw a party using K-12000!