Kitchen12000 in Pasadena Magazine Chef Addition

Pasadena Magazine has got their eye on us – and weíre humbled by that, truly. In case you canít read the tiny writing at the bottom, we’ve pasted it below.


1. How would you define your cuisine? Post modern minimalism sugar coated by classic French refinement.

2. What inspires you when designing a menu?: Society. Our food reflects the life and times of human beings roaming the vast lands of planet earth. Past, present and future.

3. What is your specialty/signature dish?: The Magical Mushroom

4.Education/Work Experience: From Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena to CIA in New York, our staff embodies prestige, style, grace and most of all FUNK.

5. Favorite local purveyors, and why? Like any good parent towards a child, we donít play favorites. Come one, come all.

6. Whatís your favorite food? See question 5.

7. What kitchen tool do you find invaluable? The computer, without which we have limited opportunity to propagate our movement.

8. What kind of dining experience do you offer guests? The unforgettable kind, combining food, service, design and everything in between to propel the vibe commonly referred to us Kitchen120000.

9. What made you want to be a chef? Life did. We did not choose this path, it chose us.

10. Please list the name you would like printed above your profile and how you would like your name to appear: Kitchen12000 – Join the Revolution

NewsGuy Cusson