Michael Kay says "What's Up" to the Food Network

So after 6 years of begging this guy to audition for “The Next Food Network Star” we’ ve finally convinced Michael Kay that he’s not too crazy to be on the Food Network.  The truth of the matter is, that like many others, we too think that he’s WAYYYY too much for TV.  But goodness, it’s so fun watching him trip people out, that we continue to cheer him on.


He’s made it through the first couple of rounds of casting, but now he’s got to make a home video and submit a couple of signature dishes.  He says he doesn’t care to be on the show, unless they really want it.  But the truth is, I’m sure he’d love to – especially when considering that he’s writing about himself in the third person right now at 2 AM.  Go figure.

NewsGuy Cusson