@ChefMichaelKay presents #GrubDealer by Kitchen 12000


Ahhh, it appears you’ve received one of our “Switch the Addiction” packets. Well, before I go into the significance of this tiny bag of confusion, let me tell you that there exists no illegal (per the US of A) substances in that tiny bag you hold. The dry leafy greens are oregano (not Marijuana), the white granulated powder is rice flour (not Cocaine), the dehydrated fungus are shitake mushrooms (not Mescaline), the white capsules are plant based probiotics (not MDMA) & inside that tiny syringe lives an aromatic rose water (not Heroin). Read below, to hear why we’ve used this approach to grasp your attention.


So, let’s get this one thing clear: it’s in our (human) behavioral programming to have addictive tendencies. You see it everyday in the people all around you. Mom can’t stop reading the tabloids, child stars struggling from anarexia, grown men stuck in front of an LCD playing video games & office employees downing liquid caffeine like a Chevy does gasoline. But among-st the people in each of those social sub-sectors exists addicitions to things that are awesome too. In other words, addictions aren’t all that bad.

And with that, it’s a part of our mission to help guide those who are lost in culinary recession to switch their addictions towards something that we consider the “AWESOMEST” – spreading love to the human race through food, music & celebratory occasions.

The people at Kitchen12000 all carry many addictions, each different in behavior and social significance. But there is one “drug” that we all choose to share. We’re hooked on the high which comes as a bi-product of throwing great parties. So go ahead, take a hit.