K12 Goes Atlantic City Boardwalk Empire for YELP

It’s that time people. Yelp has invited us (again) to do our thang at the second annual Yelp LA Party at Exchange LA nightclub on 618 S. Spring this June 22nd from 8-11. After proving ourselves worthy of the repeat honor (last year rocked checkout Air12000.com for photos), Yelp’s very own community represetive (Katie Burbank) gave us the “working with you guys is so awesome, it’s as though you single handily complete the responsibilities of what I’d have to find 10 other vendors to do.” So with that said, let’s go over what happened.

It goes a little something like this. We fed savory dishes (potato & sausage station, pasta & meatball kitchen, olive bar), decorating (flowers, props, furniture), designing (floor planning, theme building) and staffing (cooks, servers, character actors, coordinator, hosts, vip services) & supplying the wonderful vendors who danced, photo-boothed, sweet toothed and boozed everybody up – all night. But don’t take our word for it. Checkout the photos that our very own Eduard Gabrielyan of TorinoCreative.com took all night.

NOTE: Near the end of the party (just moments ago), I swung out the club with my MacBookPro & a Canon 5D full of photos, to post (here) some of my favorite photos from the night…

Light posts, crates, lagers, oil drums. You name it. We brought what we could to remake the Atlantic City Boardwalk vibe right here in the walls of Exchange LA’s “eclectic meets ultra-modern” style.  With the help of some candles and rustic high tables, the main floor went from feeling like a dance floor, to a planked pier.


In the background, hair and makeup by our very own Blonde Doctor (Christopher Enlow, Angus Mitchell Salon) & crew.

S0 how about the food? Olive Bar upstairs (in the casino) featuring bulgarian feta cheese, colossal kalamata olives, roasted baby zucchini, fresh grape tomatoes accompanied by various artisans breads. Less is more.

Cousin Leo spreading his aunty’s spaghetti and meatballs. As uncle Ed caused a ruckus, greeting old friends and messing with grandma’s old recipe. Italian basil pesto sauces, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted peppers & fresh block shaved parmesan topped by pomegranate + balsamic reductions.

And of course, who could forget the sweets? An entire room full actually – at the “High Roller Sweet” downstairs in the EXLA art gallery. From Cheesecake poppers to fried donuts and coffee. This room was the place to hang out in for  sugar bliss.

Hyped and ready to rock, the crowd continued to eat, drink and eventually…


Best of all, our K12 husband and wife team Mary and Alex Kay proving capable of more than just moral support, by jumping behind the sausage station (& taring it up thoroughly) during Yelper Rush Hour.

Who’s to forget of course, our shwag table, featuring last year’s switch the addition campaign along with cards that directed yelpers to this blog post.

Well. That’s the highlight reel. Big ups to all the amazing people that did their part to make this event such a success. And a special thanks to Katie B. and all those at Yelp Corporate for trusting us to be in control of the party. Yelp loves us, and we love Yelp. Now on to the next one. We got events to cater all summer. Keep up with us at Facebook.com/Kitchen12000 & Twitter.com/Kitchen12000 – video of event’s setup and execution to come.

BTW – we’re always looking for great people to join our team of party planners, so if you think you got what it takes to keep up with us, contact luana@kitchen12000.com to setup a phone interview.

“Planet earth, is the greatest venue in the universe (I think).” -Michael Kay (K12 Janitor)

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