NY Steak & Eggplant Fries

The New York was seasoned with salt & pepper, pan seared and served medium rare – only fitting right? The sauce was a BBQ sauce we picked up from Whole Foods that was stupid expensive. It needed some doctoring, so we added a whole tomato, glass of white wine, some toasted fennel, a few garlic cloves and a spoonful of agave nectar. That all got blended and strained through a fine mesh.

Now on the south-east side of this 4 sided ceramic podium you’ll find our favorite “pretend to be healthy” foodeggplant fries. To make these, find the biggest eggplants at the market, peel them, and cut 1” by 4” wedges from the middle cross sections. Batter those with a classic flour, egg & panko triple threat – then deep fry. We like to throw some herbs to provence into that panko to give it a little bit of that “bitch get off me” flavor. If you’d rather avoid such mouth water bravado, just keep it simple – salt + pepper.

The plating is up to you, so have fun. You’ll notice that we like to get all Frank Lloyd Wright about it when we can – not saying we did so here, but you get the picture.

Recipe and photo provided by Steve Scherer of Kitchen12000.

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